Talk That’s Toxic

So, I put this charcoal mask on my nose and my cat has not stopped staring at me for 20 minutes.

You look ridiculous….


… … …no



Back to the reason why I am even writing this…

Charcoal, if you did not know this, attracts toxins. It’s why we use it to filter water, or clear our skin- like I’m doing.

And toxins got me thinking about Britney Spears.

via Jive Records

Not because she’s a toxin… but you know, that song Toxic.

Don’t you know that your toxic?  *attempts to sound like a bass* *attempts to sound like high-pitched violins* *fails miserably*


And it also got be thinking about not-so-concrete toxins– like hatred or worry.

Like what happens to us when life jumps at us unexpectedly.


My toxin is that…


I have an overload of worry. Always have.

I overheard my dentist tell my mother when I was 7 that I had been grinding my teeth so much that it was extremely noticeable and I was ruining my teeth.

Grinding your teeth in your sleep is a sign of stress.

via Marvel


Did I mention I was seven?

And just last month I was getting headaches every few days from my neck being so knotted.

So, lets just say, carefree days are something I don’t quite understand.

via Paramount Pictures


I have sort of come to accept this about myself.

But, we can make things worse by placing ourselves in situations where we allow ourselves to continuously think toxic thoughts or choose to stay in a toxic environment.

And one very toxic environment I had in my life was Yikyak…. Let’s be real… an app where you can post anonymously just opens up a gateway for horrible, horrible things.

So, here’s my last yak.

So original….


What is something toxic in your life?

What will you do to remove it from your life?

Think about it….


Best of luck to you, Little Homes.